On Flash Tattoos…


Have you heard of flash tattoos? They’re those metallic temporary tattoos that have made wearing a temporary tattoo that you applied with water into something cool and fashionable. The thing that intrigues me the most is the name.

Are they flash tattoos because they’re gone in  flash? Is it that they are flashy? Is it the way the light dances and reflects off of them that gives the illusion that they are flashing?

Who can say. I bought a sheet from Hot Topic–I don’t go into this store often but when I do you can guarantee I buy the least punk items in the store (ie: metallic flash tattoos, fragrance, nail polish and a hacky sack).  The flash tattoos weren’t very pricey–they were around five bucks if I can recall correctly. I mostly bought them because the entire store was “Buy one, get one 50% off” and who am I to not take part in such a deal? There was the most gorgeous gray nail polish and frankly, I had to possess it. It was in a little skull bottle so I feel significantly cooler and thus I needed to purchase another item to get my fill of the bargain.


I digress. My friend and I applied some flash tattoos (hers were purchased from Wet Seal) and surprisingly the application went off without a hitch. I’m pale as snow and the metallic colors that I thought would only look beautiful on golden tan skin looked pretty cool on me if I do say so myself.

Flash tattoos are everywhere now and they can be found in almost any store, even Hot Topic. The tattoos lasted about three days but the black part of my arrow trio started peeling away about an hour after I applied it.

Anyways, if you feel like throwing it back to the days of temporary tattoos that would look super cool until they began to peel away and stick to your skin for days until mom scrubbed it off with rubbing albohol, these are perfect. These are the cool and temporary way to get a tattoo that you won’t regret.


Author: paigedifiore

Hello! I'm Paige, a college student who loves to blog. I aspire to learn how to eat food without smudging my lipstick and to someday discover the perfect raspberry macaron.

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