5 Ways to Get Ready for Spring Semester…

Ahh…Spring Semester is approaching. A new time for change and fresh starts. A whole new schedule, new professors, new seasons…and for some, new roommates.


Honestly, the semester will be what you make it. If you want change—make it. You want a fresh start? Get a fresh start. Here are ten things you can do to prepare for Spring Semester.

  1. Rearrange your furniture. Are you sick of constantly bumping your desk chair against your bed? Tired of the long walk to the mini fridge? Or, just craving some change? Try re-arranging your furniture. Before you start moving, draw out your room plan (or use an online website). Bonus if you actually take the time to measure your furniture before you move it.
  1. Seriously clean. The rug you haven’t vacuumed in months? Vacuum it. Those sheets, oh, those sheets. Dabbing at the soda spills and Cheez Doodle dust stains on your comforter with body wash and spraying it with Febreeze does not constitute proper cleaning. Do some laundry and straighten up your crap. You’ll thank yourself when Spring Semester has a clean start (even if it’ll be a brief one).
  1. Sort your computer files. Make some neat files on your computer to sort all of those assignments and projects you’ve gathered thus far. Name the file with your level, the year and the semester, “FRESHMAN ’14: FALL SEMESTER” then divide it into sub-folders based on your class. Drag your projects and papers into the neat little folders….or if you’re not as anal about organization as I am, name a folder “school stuff 2k14” and drag your crap into it. At least it’ll be a bit easier to find the files if you ever need them again…which, honestly, you probably won’t but at least you can now easily find your other files (like the embarrassing picture of your friend or your Christmas list) much easier now.

college spring semester

  1. Clean out your wardrobe. That shirt that you kept because, “What if one day I need a micro-crop top with a silver heart on it?” and the pajama shorts you hoard because, “What if I need to tastefully flash some cheek?” ought to go. Just purge some of your clothes (and use it as an excuse to get new ones). This is great because you will find long-lost beloved items that were buried in the deep crevices of your drawers, “Are those my polka dot pajama pants with the ruffled hem? I thought I lost them!” You didn’t lose anything, probably, it’s just under the piles of crap you never wear. This inspired me to finally toss those way-too-small navy fur-lined leggings with the hole in the crotch. “But what if I wear them with a unitard to cover the hole?” I said. My friend threw them out. Clean with friends; they’ll give you that nudge to throw out your crap. Also, it’s totally time to bust out the pretty pastels and daisy prints. Spring!
  1. Buy stuff. Now that you’re on winter break, you have plenty of time to shop for all of that stuff you needed but never bought. This includes toothpaste, snacks (lots of snacks), index cards, highlighters, an actual winter jacket…the works. Plus, if you’re home, your parents will be so overjoyed to see you they’ll probably buy you stuff. Go shopping with your parents and make sure you buy lots of snacks to bring back to school. You and I both know how dining hall food sucks and snacks are essential to survival. Oh, don’t forget notebooks and folders and all that kind of stuff for your Spring Semester courses.

college spring semester

Well, that’s the best I can do for you. Here’s to another semester of college and here’s to hoping this one sucks a little bit less than the last one.


Author: paigedifiore

Hello! I'm Paige, a college student who loves to blog. I aspire to learn how to eat food without smudging my lipstick and to someday discover the perfect raspberry macaron.

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