5 Ways to Simplify…

When I look at the drawers of my dressers that are overstuffed with jeans and sweaters and the works, I am somewhat appalled. I see my bookshelf that is piled high with books I have not read and books I read and did not even like. I see my make-up drawers loaded with eye shadows and lip liners I know I have barely used and will never use. I own over 170 nail polishes. That’s appalling!

My closet is overstuffed with craft supplies from a phase that has since ended.  My phone is overcrowded with apps I seldom use and my life is just generally full of clutter and excess. I think one of my resolutions should be to simplify.

5 ways to simplifysmall

I have cleaned my room and purged a lot of my belongings and I am proud of that, but I still keep things on the basis of “What if…”

“What if I need that lime green eye shadow for if I get invited to some 80s theme party or something?

“What if I need that giant blue paper flower for if I decide to make scrapbooks again and do a floral themed page?”

“What if…”

To be honest, most of the things I keep for “What if” situations seldom actually serve their hypothetical purpose.

I like the idea of living simply and simplifying things and instead of going on Pinterest and pinning things that are simple and lovely, I should embrace that in my life.

Although resolutions are seldom kept in the new year, I hope I can at least partially keep mine.

I have decided to simplify my life and I will do so using this list I have formulated. Hopefully I can follow AT LEAST two of these things. I’m not optimistic enough to think I’ll follow through with everything.

  1. Fill a bag with clothes I never wear but never get rid of. This includes that sweater that fits kind of weird, those jeans that are a little bit too short and that tank top with the straps that are super annoying. I’ll fill up a bag and put it in my closet. If I suddenly miss any of these things and feel the desire to wear them, I’ll take it out of the bag and keep it. If, by the end of the month, I have not missed the garment or gone to wear it, I’ll donate it or toss it.
  1. Donate or sell books I have read and did not like or books I do not plan to read. What’s the point in keeping books if they weren’t even good the first time I read them?  There’s no point in keeping them. My bookshelves are overcrowded and this will help me to simplify. If it is a book I would reread, I’ll keep it. If it is a book I have not read but is now too young for me (I have books I bought as a middleschooler that I still have not even opened), I will either donate it or give it to a younger cousin who would appreciate it. There’s no more excuse of: “Maybe when I have a daughter someday she’ll read these books!” because by then, these books will become attic relics or extremely old and yellowed junk. I’ll keep only the best books. I’m also never going to buy a book again unless it is TRULY amazing and a must-own.
  2. Toss old sentimental things if they really aren’t very sentimental at all. I’m the kind of person who keeps business cards from a restaurant I went to with my dad in the city or bookmarks from a bookstore I love. I’ve kept Valentine’s Day cards from friends I had in middle school. I have drawings from friends I no longer speak to that they drew me in third grade. Am I really going to look back on these things and reminisce? If it is not something from someone important to me or if it’s something that I can’t even remember why it was significant, I’m going to toss it. I’ll obviously keep my dried corsage from prom or sentimental birthday cards from high school friends, but some things can go.
  3. Delete apps I don’t use at least once a month. If anything, I can reinstall them when I need to use them. My phone memory is scarce and there is no point in keeping the Spotify app (when I never listen to it on my phone) or the photo editing app I use once in a blue moon. Apps can be re-installed any time, and I likely will not even miss them.
  4. Toss old make-up and beauty products. I am a huge offender of make-up hoarding. I love make-up and it’s hard for me to part with old products. I know I will not use the ten extremely old mascaras but I can’t toss them. I know that using this three-year-old foundation would likely cause breakouts but I can’t possibly get rid of it! I don’t know why I do this, but I think it’s about time to force myself to purge.

If any of these steps are hard for you, get a friend of family member to keep you in check. When deciding what to pack to bring home for winter break, I made sure my best friend kept me from over-packing. “Do you need that?” she would say, sighing. “Yes! What if I decide to we-“ she would take it from my hands and shove it back in the drawers. Sometimes we all need a little shove. Get your most abrasive and no-bullshit-attitude friend and have them help you purge your things.

Here’s to a hopefully simplified 2015!


Author: paigedifiore

Hello! I'm Paige, a college student who loves to blog. I aspire to learn how to eat food without smudging my lipstick and to someday discover the perfect raspberry macaron.

2 thoughts on “5 Ways to Simplify…”

  1. Think quality not quantity. You are a grown up now. Old makeup =unhealthy, dress like a French woman with a few quality pieces that all mix and match, and think enough of yourself to not keep company with crap such as ill-fitting clothes or things you don’t need. Becoming a minimalist is a journey and no matter how far you can get it is wonderful. Good luck!


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