5 Things Not to Post on Instagram…

what not to post on instagram

It’s time for me to fill you in on some Instagram etiquette. There are some things that obviously should not be posted on Insta (ie: nudes) but there are some slightly less obvious things. Of course these are all my personal opinions combined with those of many and you can Instagram whatever the heck you want but word of advice:

1. You fiercley making out with kissing your S.O. We know you’re in a relationship and thus that implies you two tongue tango (isn’t that a gross way to put it? think of it when you go to Instagram this kind of pic) but we don’t need to think about it, hear about it or see it. It is absolutely great for you to post couple pictures on Instagram but keep it generally PG. Instead of posting an intense kissing picture try a cute hand holding picture or a selfie. Show us how cute you are, not how much you looove kissing and telling.

2. Your view from vacation while you are on vacation. Many burglars use social media to find empty homes. Even if you’re on private, you never know what some followers could be up to. Save your beautiful beach pictures and margarita shots for after you return home. No one really needs to know you’re not home and you’re away for a week across the country. Also, when you come back from vacation, instead of Instagramming ten pictures a day of your vacation to make up for lost Insta time, try a collage. No one really wants a million pictures of you’re amazing summer trip all over their feed when all they’ve done in the summer thus far is sleep and watch Netflix.

3. Extremely emotional  posts. If you just broke up with your S.O., tell a close friend. Don’t Instagram a rainy cloud, terribly sad quote or (you’ll laugh but I have literally seen this) a picture of you artfully crying. Honestly? It is private information. If you want to share it–go ahead, who am I to tell you not to? But instead of going public and having somewhat sincere PUBLIC comments of “What’s wrong?” or “You okay?” just directly text some friends or talk to them in person. Also consider who follows you: your ex that you just Instagrammed about probably saw that, your co-worker totally saw that, etc. You don’t want to look like a crazy emotional chick who can’t deal with her feelings without publicly announcing to social media that she’s super sad.

4. “Like for truth is/rates” or anything along those lines. Stop. We all know you’re not telling the truth and half of your replies will be “Truth is…I don’t really know you but you seem cool!” Are you really going to tell the truth? Are you going to tell your cousin that liked it: “If we weren’t cousins I would hate you and lock you in a closet, probably” or your ex-boyfriend that liked it, “You are a worthless piece of trash”. If you DO go hardcore honest with your “Truth is” then that’s not good either. Also, don’t rate people. Who made you the judge of looks and beauty? Save that shit for Tinder or something. This is so middle school, avoid posting (and liking) these kinds of posts.

5. The really long and personal “Happy Birthday” and “Happy Anniversary” posts. These are taboo ESPECIALLY if the person featured doesn’t even have an InstagramWhy are you posting it on Instagram rather than saying it to them in person or dropping them a sweet text? It’s so much more personal that way and no one needs to see your fifty inside jokes and emojis all over. One person will read and appreciate all of that and everyone else will likely be mildly annoyed. Save your time and just send them a sweet message so it’s more sincere. Opt for a picture or collage of you two and the caption “happy birthday @name, love you!”. Simple and sweet for the public, personal for the private message. Save everyone a headache and boost your sincerity points, trust me. It’s more heartfelt if it was written just for them rather than for all of your followers to see how nice and thoughtful you are.


Author: paigedifiore

Hello! I'm Paige, a college student who loves to blog. I aspire to learn how to eat food without smudging my lipstick and to someday discover the perfect raspberry macaron.

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