On Working Out & The Gym…

   So, upon returning to college my friend and I have decided to make going to the gym a nightly routine. In fact, we’ve gone to the gym every night this week aside from Friday and we plan to keep it up. This is also taught me a few important things about working out!


This has helped me realize the importance of having a buddy. If you don’t feel like working out, there’s someone else to push you. If you don’t go to the gym you’re letting someone down and they’ll likely bug you until you relent and go to the gym anyways.

I also realized how important cute workout clothes are. I literally am excited to wear my neon sports bras and cute workout tanks. It’s such a great motivation and confidence boost while you work out.

My workout tanks and sports bras are from Old Navy and they are simply amazing. They’re super comfortable and these sports bras actually work. Having a, ahem, larger chest typically makes it really annoying to workout and this sports bra works very well.


I pair this with Nike sneakers (Mine are old and solid white. They are comfy but they’re not very pretty. I’m looking for new ones!) and black leggings from Charlotte Russe.

I mostly use the elliptical machine and occasionally the bike or treadmill (where I briskly walk). The elliptical is my favorite and the machines at my college allow you to watch television while you work out.

I spent two hours at the gym and went over 6.8 miles on the elliptical mostly because I was captivated by Pretty Little Liars and the show before it! I refused to leave before it was over. That’s also a great motivation.

I also like listening to music, especially pumped up songs. My personal favorite workout jam is “You Need Me” by Ed Sheeran. It just makes you amped up and stuff.

My friend and I went to the gym around closing time and because of this, it was empty. This meant it was time to play around on all of the scary-looking machines that the athletes and buff people who know what they’re doing typically use.

I thought it was incredibly pathetic when I had to move an arm machine thing’s (I clearly know my workout equipment) weight from 150 lbs to 1 lb. It was truly saddening. I could not even do the move with two pounds. The arm machines are awful for me because I don’t even have the upper-body strength to do one push-up.

I do like the thigh and leg machines, however, you can really feel the burn. I guess my legs are much stronger than my arms because I could do about 10-15 lbs on some of the machines.

We also plan to attend at least one Zumba class to see how that goes! I think I’m going to suck at it but it should be fun and burn some calories.

Anyways, hopefully if I keep up my going to the gym and keeping track of calories with the MyFitnessPal App I will be all toned and healthy for summer. Then again, I don’t plan to cut out chocolate or mashed potatoes and the works. But I will eat more salad and less junk. Maybe.

Anyways, give working out a chance! Especially if you have a gym or fitness center on your campus! It’s free workout equipment! Utilize it!


Author: paigedifiore

Hello! I'm Paige, a college student who loves to blog. I aspire to learn how to eat food without smudging my lipstick and to someday discover the perfect raspberry macaron.

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