What 24 Hours on Tinder Taught Me

I learned things! From an app that is primarily based on split-second judgement on appearances! (If you don’t know what this app is, basically you swipe right if you think someone’s attractive and you’re notified if they swiped right for you,too. Then you can talk.) Aren’t you proud of me?You won’t believe what I learned

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Okay, let me start this with the following:

  1. I have a boyfriend that I love and he totally supported my having this app.
  2. I did not and do not have any desire for anything with anyone on this app.
  3. I got this app purely due to boredom and curiosity.


With that aside, yes—I downloaded Tinder and began my journey. I decided to swipe for nearly anyone that was somewhat attractive (which I felt bad about—it’s so odd to just judge someone in less than a second although I guess everyone does that on the daily) and I was surprised at what I learned!

First of all, I saw a few dudes I had crushes on in elementary or middle school. Mind you, I looked much different back then. Glasses, gap in my teeth, chub, frizz…need I say more? I was an ugly duckling and I’d like to think I look much better now. These dudes who wouldn’t give me the time of day back then when I was quite the ugly duckling now thought I was attractive and it honestly felt so redeeming. It’s like a “Screw you, man!” and I feel very satisfied to know that now they can’t have me they want me. Maybe I’m totally reading into all of this too much, okay, and I’m letting it get to me a bit. BUT it did feel freaking awesome to know someone you used to like thinks you’re pretty. I sound totally vain, I know!


I also learned that some guys are pigs. Okay, I already knew this but it’s weird to witness it directly and digitally. I literally opened one message that was “Hey gorgeous. Your boobs look massive.” Um, ew? That’s a bit too forward to me, although I appreciated the compliment? Was it a compliment? I don’t know. It really threw me off. Some dudes were cool though and had a clever opening, one asked me “If you could change the color of anything forever what would it be and why?” Now that’s a great conversation.

This app also taught me that some guys are genuinely nice. A few dudes with clever opening messages messaged me and I replied saying hello and I confessed I had a boyfriend whom I loved and wanted nothing. Even after he learned I did not want anything whatsoever,he talked to me anyway. I had a two-hour long conversation with some guy about poetry and philosophy. It wasn’t creepy at all; it was genuine and interesting. I was surprised this somewhat sleazy “hook up” app actually lead to genuine conversation. I really appreciated that.

I also gained self-confidence, truly. I know it’s wrong to get confidence from what others think of you but I’ve had a lot of issues with that and this honestly gave me a confidence boost. I had countless compliments saying my eyes were gorgeous or I was pretty and even though they’re from a stranger who probably just wanted a piece of ass, it felt nice. I had lots of matches and it made me feel like maybe I am someone pretty. I sound totally arrogant now, I apologize.

Do you know how hearing compliments from people who love you is really nice? But a part of you always feels like they just say it because they kind of have to? Maybe it’s just me. I guess I partially value compliments on appearance a bit more when they’re from strangers. They don’t have to tell me they think I’m pretty. They just think it. I’ve never been good at believing compliments and I suppose having dozens of strangers compliment me helped them to sink it. Don’t worry–nothing is getting to my head. I don’t think I’m the next Megan Fox or Heidi Klum in any sense.

I just feel so excited. As someone who’s been called crappy things in the past it’s just incredible to see how the times have changed. This app made me feel like and ugly duckling to beautiful swan kind of deal and I loved it. Although this app will be deleted soon and I haven’t actually really learned much, I definitely gained confidence.

I know many will say it’s wrong to be confident based on what others think but for me, this is what I needed. Don’t lie to me—who doesn’t like being called pretty? Everyone does. Maybe this app got to my head a bit, but who knows? All I can say is I’ve been entertained, a little disturbed and extremely flattered. That’s a powerful response to an app.

So, I guess I sound totally vain and stuff but I promise you I am not. This app just served as a confident boost and source of entertainment.

OH! I also learned that a lot of people love pugs. Three guys had a picture with pugs or something about pugs in their bio. That’s a lot to me. I was hyped. Pugs are everything to me.


Author: paigedifiore

Hello! I'm Paige, a college student who loves to blog. I aspire to learn how to eat food without smudging my lipstick and to someday discover the perfect raspberry macaron.

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