Snapchat is a Masochistic Application


Looking at Snapchat stories is like a sick, masochistic punishment. Hear me out.

You are clearly bored or killing time–hence the reason you’re on Snapchat or Facebook or Instagram or any social media app that allows you to pass the time by mindlessly scrolling through people’s lives and what they’re up to.

Now, people only snapchat their highlights–look how much fun I’m having! Look how cool this place or event I’m at is! Look how good I look today! Look how many friends I’m hanging out with!

People literally take moments out of whatever they’re doing to add these things to their Snapchat stories. It’s almost pathetic to see someone who has a selfie in NYC with five friends. If you think about it, they’re likely all sitting on the subway all status at their phones or waiting around and someone’s like “Smile!” and rather than simply take a photo and save it for memories’ sake, they share it for showing off sake.

Add it to the Snapchat story to show people that you DO have friends you DO have a life. You are having SO much fun that you had to stop to show it off on Snapchat!

And then bored people who aren’t currently doing exciting and cool activities with lots of friends look through everyone’s dozens of seconds worth of Snapchat stories and get jealous and depressed, wishing they were doing cool things with cool people.

But think–this person wants you to believe that! This person paused their fun day to remind everyone how great their life is, meanwhile you know their hangout with friends is actually people sitting on their phones. You know they could be having fun but they’re actually not as great as you think–they’re a humble bragger.

I am a believer that amazing moments and fun times should be captured but a picture is worth more than a million Snapchat story moments. Save your memories with photos, experience the concert or adventure rather than stopping to add ten second videos of it to your story for other people to feel jealous about or look through apathetically.
I admit to being a hypocrite–now and again I update my story if I’m doing something particularly cool or hanging out with lots of people. It’s like a competition of who is having the greatest time, you know? But I’ve cut down greatly. I also have made efforts to ignore that little purple box on my screen showing me how many stories have been posted. Who cares?

Most importantly: Stop looking at Snapchat stories if you can help it. You’ll probably just feel bad and do you REALLY care that Stacy is in Paris or Joe is partying with all of his friends? You don’t.

So have fun and fuck Snapchat. Save snapchat for quick photo updates to friends if you see their crush or something stupid. Save it for double chin selfies. Okay?


Author: paigedifiore

Hello! I'm Paige, a college student who loves to blog. I aspire to learn how to eat food without smudging my lipstick and to someday discover the perfect raspberry macaron.

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