Marina & The Diamonds & Changes

Marina & The Diamonds (namely, Marina Diamandis Lambrini) is absolutely one of my favorite musicians. I must admit that my initial intrigue was due to the countless pictures of her on Tumblr. The heart on her cheek, the cartoonishly chic outfits, the beautiful lyrics…Unfortunately things are changing.


This is making me nostalgic! Marina is absolutely my number one celebrity girl crush and when I found out she would be returning from her years of MIA status, I was elated. Her new album, ‘FROOT’ recently dropped and I was lucky enough to secure an autographed deluxe version from her website (Unfortunately won’t ship until April…boo!). The songs I’ve listened to thus far have been quite impressive. “I’m A Ruin”, “Blue” and “Happy” have absolutely stolen my heart while some tracks, like “Immortal”, didn’t quite impress. Her lyrics are still amazing though.

I digress. Marina’s music itself has not stylistically changed very much, which I love, but her style and overall aesthetic in terms of her music videos and outfits has transformed. I understand she gets older and has “matured” but I miss the archetypes and the heart on her cheek.


Her new style is nice, don’t get me wrong, but I do miss the quirky cartoonish looks and signature heart. The biggest and most horrible change, in my humble opinion, is in terms of her music videos.

Marina, what happened to dancing in showers with half-naked underwear models? Or picking oranges and dancing in mansions? Or wearing American themed outfits and throwing glitter? How about wearing different wigs and being pushed in shopping carts? What happened to cartoonish videos and crazy ideas? Her new music videos (like the one for “Immortal” and “Froot”) are honestly so damn boring.

brits 2k15 slay
Recent: BRIT Awards 2015

The videos are just, essentially, her singing. Nothing happens anymore. There’s no extravagant props or backgrounds or crazy cool outfits. It’s her in a nice outfit just standing and singing. I honestly cannot watch her new music videos without X-ing them out early. I understand she has “matured” as an artist and all but so has Taylor Swift and her videos are still exciting (have you seen the video for “Blank Space?”).

I don’t mean to compare the two, but I can just simply hope Marina gets back her spark of excitement and whimsy. Her whole fruit themed idea for her tour and all is really interesting and wild—I loved her “FROOT OF THE MONTH” program and her fun posts but I miss her crazy style and videos.

american dream

Oh, but I know it’s “all about the music” but is it so wrong to want a little bit of whimsy and wildness? I think not! I still love Marina and I’m very glad her musical style has remained relatively the same…I just wish her whimsicality had, too.


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