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I’m Paige DiFiore. I’m a twenty-something writer from New York City and I have a passion for making content that’s interesting, informative and honest. In a world of clickbait and crap, I strive to create content that’s useful while still being human. I believe content is best served with a side of wit and humor.

I was born in ’96 in New York City. No, not quite the hustling and bustling glamorous Manhattan you’re thinking, but rather Staten Island (The Forgotten Borough). I’m a soon-to-be college graduate with a Communications-Journalism major, Digital Video Editing, and English Literature minor.

I’m always on the hunt for the perfect macaron, I always make eye contact with puppies on the street and smile at them and I love polka dots. I’m a huge fan of watching TV sitcoms but I also love a good crime documentary.

I always loved reading and as I got older I realized I loved writing just as much, if not more. Growing up without a cool big sister (or any big sister at all), I grew determined to form one out of magazines and web articles. Not literally — mostly just in terms of advice and insight. Now, I hope to be the cool, wise, but also kind of a mess older sister to anyone who reads what I write.

I created my blog eyeliner wings & pretty things began in 2015 when I was a rising sophomore in college. It bloomed from my desire to write what I wanted to write when I wanted to write it. It also became a way for me to channel my ambition and to feel like I was moving forward in my personal career, even if it was standing still. I like to give real advice. Oftentimes my posts are me giving the advice I wish I would take for myself.
london - hampton court roses
I love to talk. I love to be in front of the camera and behind it. I’m just as happy writing a story as I am telling it.
My ultimate goal? To help others in a fun way. Even if one sentence I write or speak can help one person in the tiniest of ways, I’ve completed my goal. Even if I can’t help, I hope to make a reader crack a smile. Or…a mental smile because sometimes it’s kind of creepy when you smile at your phone in public.
I’m just making my way through life and I hope my writing can help you on your journey, too!





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