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Hi there! I’m Paige. I’m a twenty-something writer from New York and I’m ambitious as hell. I bite off more than I should chew (not necessarily more than I can chew) and I have a deep love for words.

I always loved reading and as I got older I realized I loved writing just as much, if not more. Growing up without a cool big sister (or any big sister at all), I grew determined to form one out of magazines and web articles. Not literally — in terms of advice and insight. Now, I hope to be the cool, wise, but also kind of a mess older sister to all of my readers. Or, at least I try to be.

My blog eyeliner wings & pretty things began in 2015 when I was a rising sophomore in college. It bloomed from my desire to write what I wanted to write when I wanted to write it. It also became a way for me to channel my ambition and to feel like I was moving forward in my personal career, even if it was standing still. I like to give real advice. Oftentimes my posts are me giving the advice I wish I would take for myself. If you love your blog content with a sprinkle of wit and a helping of honesty, this is the place for you.
The goal? To give some advice and maybe a smile. Even if one sentence I write can help you in the tiniest of ways, I’ve done my job. Even if I can’t help you, I hope I’ve at least helped you crack a smile. Or…a mental smile because sometimes it’s kind of creepy when you smile at your phone in public.

In terms of the nitty-gritty…

Eyeliner Wings & Pretty Things - About Paige DiFioreI was born in ’96 in New York City. No, not quite the hustling and bustling glamorous Manhattan you’re thinking, but rather Staten Island (The Forgotten Borough). I’ve also always dreamed of owning my own kitten, preferably one that can tolerate squeals and plenty of hugs. I’m really good at crying without smudging my eyeliner wings and mascara. That’s not particularly important but it’s my one secret talent so I thought I might share. I’m a soon-to-be college graduate with a Communications-Journalism major, Digital Video Editing minor and English Literature minor.

I’m always on the hunt for the perfect macaron, I always make eye contact with puppies on the street and smile at them and I love polka dots more than most people. I’m a huge fan of watching TV sitcoms but I also love a good crime documentary.

Eyeliner Wings & Pretty Things - About Paige DiFiore

I’m just making my way through life and I hope my posts can entertain & help you on your journey, too!




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