What My First Semester of College Taught Me…

What My First Semester of College Taught Me

I can still remember the very first day I moved in to my dorm. I remember the million degree heat and rainy weather. I remember meeting my roommate and unrolling our rug. I remember hugging my parents good bye (and trying not to touch my dad’s sweaty shirt because he’d been moving furniture in the million degree room). I remember hooking my keys onto my lanyard and watching my mom make my bed.

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5 Ways to Get Ready for Spring Semester…

Ahh…Spring Semester is approaching. A new time for change and fresh starts. A whole new schedule, new professors, new seasons…and for some, new roommates.


Honestly, the semester will be what you make it. If you want change—make it. You want a fresh start? Get a fresh start. Here are ten things you can do to prepare for Spring Semester.

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