My Zumba Experience: What Zumba Taught fiMe

Okay, so, my college offers free Zumba classes. FREE. I’ve also been trying to be more active and thus I dragged my friend to Zumba with me and let me tell you Zumba kicked my ass. It also made me realize many things about myself. It also made me realize that I totally suck.


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What My First Semester of College Taught Me…

What My First Semester of College Taught Me

I can still remember the very first day I moved in to my dorm. I remember the million degree heat and rainy weather. I remember meeting my roommate and unrolling our rug. I remember hugging my parents good bye (and trying not to touch my dad’s sweaty shirt because he’d been moving furniture in the million degree room). I remember hooking my keys onto my lanyard and watching my mom make my bed.

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5 Ways to Get Ready for Spring Semester…

Ahh…Spring Semester is approaching. A new time for change and fresh starts. A whole new schedule, new professors, new seasons…and for some, new roommates.


Honestly, the semester will be what you make it. If you want change—make it. You want a fresh start? Get a fresh start. Here are ten things you can do to prepare for Spring Semester.

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