Snapchat is a Masochistic Application


Looking at Snapchat stories is like a sick, masochistic punishment. Hear me out.
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What My First Semester of College Taught Me…

What My First Semester of College Taught Me

I can still remember the very first day I moved in to my dorm. I remember the million degree heat and rainy weather. I remember meeting my roommate and unrolling our rug. I remember hugging my parents good bye (and trying not to touch my dad’s sweaty shirt because he’d been moving furniture in the million degree room). I remember hooking my keys onto my lanyard and watching my mom make my bed.

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The Reality of Prom…


So, it’s pretty random to talk about prom now but I feel obligated to share this simple fact: Prom is not anything like you expect it to be. Now, this can be good or bad or just more on the side of alright. This whole post idea was sparked by my rediscovering of the folder of prom photos on my laptop.

Don’t get me wrong—prom was fun and I had a lovely time. I’d like to discuss the reality of prom. To begin, let me share this beautiful photograph of me pinning the boutonniere (it took me six tries to spell that, dang) on my prom date (also boyfriend).

 prom pin 1

  Isn’t that just beautiful and romantic and perfect? Nope.

 Here’s what actually happened:

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