What 24 Hours on Tinder Taught Me

I learned things! From an app that is primarily based on split-second judgement on appearances! (If you don’t know what this app is, basically you swipe right if you think someone’s attractive and you’re notified if they swiped right for you,too. Then you can talk.) Aren’t you proud of me?You won’t believe what I learned

tinder logo

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On Working Out & The Gym…

   So, upon returning to college my friend and I have decided to make going to the gym a nightly routine. In fact, we’ve gone to the gym every night this week aside from Friday and we plan to keep it up. This is also taught me a few important things about working out!


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Digitally Simplify Your Life…

So I’ve recently realized just how many e-mails I receive daily that I don’t want to receive at all. This consists of websites I don’t remember subscribe to or clothing websites I don’t even shop at. This made me think of my new year’s resolution to simplify and I figured why not start with something as simple as e-mail?

The site unroll.me  has been super helpful with this. I realized I was subscribed to 53 e-mails and with a simple click I was able to quickly get rid of 35! This was so simple and I definitely feel as though I’ve simplified my life even a tiny bit.

That was simple but some other simple ways I’ve been simplifying my digital life are:

  • Unsubscribing to YouTubers I no longer have an interest in or any YouTuber who’s been incredibly inactive. I went from 700 subscriptions to 100!
  • Un-liking old Facebook pages on Facebook. Totally regret my middle school phase where I liked over 2,000 “relatable” pages on Facebook. Gross.
  • Updating or changing bios or display pictures for sites like Tumblr, Facebook or even Gmail.

Cleaning up digital things is quite refreshing and some of them aren’t even that hard! Try it!

Under $10: DIY Earring Holder (Earring Box)

  Ever since I got my ears pierced in December (Yes, I was a bit late hopping on the ears-pierced-bandwagon) , I’ve been looking for a cute, inexpensive and compact way to store my earrings. This cost less than $10!

diy earring box

There are a lot of jewelry box options and hanging displays but these are problematic: jewelry boxes are expensive and usually are for a lot of types of jewelry and hanging displays are best suited for dangling earrings, of which I have none.

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